Re: Ubuntu One "bragging"

On Mon, 2011-10-17 at 21:17 -0400, Douglas Saylor wrote:
Yes. Move to Debian or Mint.

Debian!? /shiver. I tried Debian once a couple years back. Was hell
getting my Acer Aspire One netbook to run it. I did it though. Once I
started using Debian, I realized "Stable" is Latin for "Outdated". I'd
probably never go back to Debian.

I hear Mint is good & quite frankly, after six months, this Ubuntu
Unity Toolbar is REALLY annoying. Actually not the tool bar, but any
controls located NEAR the tool bar create the problem ...I'm
overshooting those controls, toolbar pops-up, move away, wait for
toolbar to go away, repeat. Oy! The back arrow on any internet
browser, the "X" button to close a window. /sigh

I have found Mint very good on my asus laptop, and Debian sid fine on
the desktop.
I took a look at 11.10.
Found none of the laptop shortcut/keys such as sound mute; brightness
etc were working. They were under 10.04
Wvdial is not closing the modem down when you use control c to exit the
terminal. Oh and a couple of other things that were just annoying
including the Unity tool bar yuk.
So good bye Ubuntu. Have been with it from the beginning, but no more.
Life is too short for the crap they are putting out now.
Suspect I will be banned from this kist after this post.
Cheers The kiwi

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