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Liam Proven wrote:
On 16 November 2011 13:12, Amedee Van Gasse <amedee-ubuntu@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
On Wed, November 16, 2011 02:54, Liam Proven wrote:

*But* what has happened is that some volunteers forked GNOME 2.32, the
last version before GNOME 3. It's now called Mate:

Because the name has changed, the package names have changed. So, in
theory, you can have Mate and GNOME 3 installed at once.

And there is a PPA for Mate:

So in theory you could install Mate, remove GNOME 3 and Unity and have
a modern Ubuntu with the classic-GNOME-style desktop.

And who knows, maybe someone will do a remix that includes this?

It's not a trivial task, though. And it is too soon to say if the Mate
project will be a success, attracte more volunteer developers and
continue to get updated.
Mate doesn't have a lot of activity. I'm afraid that it's a stillborn child.

I suspect you are right. Trinity - the fork of KDE3 that came out
after KDE 4 - also struggled on for a short distance and then largely
died, in just the same way.

It would be better, I think, in both cases, to start over and
re-implement a "classic" style desktop on top of the newer versions of
the libraries and applets/accessories. But that is very obviously an
epic task.

It is not as apparent at first, but forking an existing desktop and
then maintaining and updating it is /also/ an epic task and needs a
lot of effort - and therefore probably a lot of people. I don't think
that a handful of people could do it.

I upgraded by Dell Latitude D830 to 11.10 a few days ago. I added CCSM to have the dock on the side hide all the time, installed Docky. Works fine, and I'm not bother by Unity really. Taking a little looking to find the options I want, but otherwise I'll stick with it.

For those who really want a Gnome2 feeling, Going with Xubuntu (XFCE) or Lubnutu (LXDE) is a sensible way to go. They take a little tweaking to get it close to Gnome2, but not horrilbe.

What I'd like to see (unfortunately, don't have the time nor thorough enough knowledge to do) is create a meta-package (which would bring in appropriate apps, themes, adn configure it) for X- and Lubuntu to easily "instantly" make them look as close to Gnome2 as possible.

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