Re: My request to ubuntu developer team

On Sun, 2011-11-20 at 17:17 +0000, Liam Proven wrote:

American currency is very odd, to me as an occasionally-visiting Brit.

All the banknotes are the same size, which is downright hostile to
blind people. The coins also sometimes bear officially-sanctioned
nicknames which give the foreigner no clue as to their denomination.
E.g. I have no idea how much a "nickel" is worth - that's a metal to
me - or a "dime". (10¢? 50¢?) At least a "quarter" is relatively

Easy, just do what Americans do; use the paper notes for your
transactions; don't bother counting the coins when you get change; throw
your coins in a jar until you visit the bank with free coin counting
machines. (You will occasionally get some Canadian coins and lose a bit
from inaccuracies in coin machines but you gain so much piece of mind.)

It is ripe for a complete redesign. It's easy - in Britain we do this
every decade or so. It's not traumatic or difficult at all.

More Americans use cash than their UK counterparts due to deep seeded
distrust of authorities, banks, and technology in large portions of the
USA population.

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