Re: Can't install (lost Admin-password)

fre, 25 11 2011 kl. 16:59 +0000, skrev Colin Law:
On 25 November 2011 16:38, Tom Rausner <tom@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Hi, out there.

"The standard way" gives me an error when I type in a new password;

error manipulating the authentificationtoken
(my translation from danish).

I stil get this when I try to get in from rescue mode, so I went back
to "The Standard Way", rearranged the lines of the kernel a little
and tried again ->SUCCES(almost) I've got the root password changed BUT
it only works in CLI. It's still impossible to install anything using
the GUI. Actually I can live with that (I usually prefer working in CLI)
but I would like to know exactly what went wrong between GUI and CLI ?
Any wisdom to share, anybody ?

The password you have to enter when installing s/w is the password of
the current user. Having managed to set up a root password then you
need to set the password of the actual user using the passwd command.


OK, I'll just do that. Thanx a lot.
Tom Rausner
tom@xxxxxxxxxx ICQ:276707843
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