Re: My request to ubuntu developer team

On 11/19/2011 05:40 PM, Pongo A. Pan wrote:
On Sat, 2011-11-19 at 16:08 -0600, W. Scott Lockwood III wrote:
No need to fork. Use Linux Mint.

Art Edwards (Quoted by Lockwood):

The problem for me is that I use the computer for real work. I know others
do, but it's not even a little bit of a hobby for me. Gnome 2 had been an
incredibly nice productivity tool. To me, Unity is big and dumb. It seems
the world has fallen in love with tablet interfaces. I don't want a bunch of
eye-candy on my desktop. Is there any chance that someone will fork gnome to
serve the original geeks who grew up using linux?

I also use linux for work and to be productive. Unity is not productive at all for me. As you said, Unity is big and dumb! I don't want my desktop computer (or my laptop for that matter) working or looking like a tablet. I need to get real work done in an easy and organized way. Unity does not do this for me, or my many customers that are currently using Ubuntu 10.04 LTS. After demonstrating Unity to them, they don't like it either. They want something they are familiar with and comfortable with. Unity may be great for tablets, but imho it is LOUSY for getting real work done on a desktop or laptop.

2. Linux Mint is using an only slightly modified gnome-shell for its
main branch. If you don't like gnome-shell, you will not like Mint 12.
If you hate Unity, you probably will not like gnome-shell either since
they aren't all that different. I can't decide which I like better; I'm
productive and happy using either.

I completely disagree with this. I am currently using Linux Mint 12 RC on one of my laptops along with a few additional extensions. I've set up quite a nice, productive and usable desktop interface that resembles a hybrid, very similar to a vanilla Gnome 2 interface.

In my opinion, Mint is headed in the right direction. Ubuntu on the other hand will quickly lose me, and all of my computer customers that need to actually get work done on a desktop (or laptop) computer once 10.04 LTS expires. Yes I realize I could install Gnome 3 on Ubuntu and set up the exact same desktop environment as in Mint 12, but why should I when Linux Mint is doing it for me. All I had to do was add an extra extension or two and I am ready to roll.

I am patiently waiting for Linux Mint's next LTS version to be released. When it is, I'm migrating all of my customers over to Mint. At least Clem listens to the community and has responded accordingly.

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