Re: Re: Transparent windows: how to get rid of it?

On 4 December 2011 10:37, <freddyEK@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Thanks to Liam, Colin and Ioannis for the help. Liam: this is indeed the
problem! Now that I know what happens, I think I can live with it (for the
time being). I hope that this behaviour will be corrected in a next version
or something!

It looks from the bug report as if it should be released soon, in the
meantime, if it is annoying, you could try Ubuntu 2d which will not
show the problem. On the login screen click the cog above the
password field and select 2d. In fact I prefer the 2d version to 3d
at the moment, it seems a little less buggy. If you don't like it you
can just switch back again.


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