Re: Problem installing on an Acer Aspire One

I tried to follow the instructions in several locations to install the Hexxeh
build of Chromium Lime using dd, but it never worked. I found another set of
directions that used a different utility (I don't have the name of it right
but it was USB-(something) in the repositories). Looked like this utility
dd in the background, but whatever it did seemed to work. The thing with
Chromium is it uses a .IMG file, so the Ubuntu Startup Disk Creator (which I
normally use) and unetbootin didn't seem to support that.

So after sorting out the correct stick creation utility and making sure I had
SD card in the SD slot, it installed just fine.

usb-imagewriter is the name of the package in the Ubuntu software center. As I
mentioned it appears to use 'dd' if you look at the details, but obviously it
knows how to use that better than I do.

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