Re: fresh install ---blooming DVD drive not recognized AGAIN

On 01/13/2012 08:12 AM, Ioannis Vranos wrote:
On Fri, Jan 13, 2012 at 7:59 AM, Ric Moore<wayward4now@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

If anyone recalls, please clue me in.

I am in the cdrom group and added myself to DVD as well. Still no go. It
just won't recognize a movie DVD and yes, I have libdvdcss installed.

I suggest installing it from medibuntu repository, along with
non-free-codecs metapackage.

Been there, done that, but thanks anyway. Here's what I ~think~ is the nitty-gritty. I had an older IDE cable hooked up during install. This machine is a second backup machine until my ASUS MB comes back from ASUS. But, I want it working an on my local net for devel purposes, as a client machine as a test platform. DVD not playing DVD movies at all. It will accept a data DVD like the install DVD and automount it no prob. But, I found this:
ric@ima:~$ sudo hdparm /dev/sr0
[sudo] password for ric:

multcount = 0 (off)
IO_support = 0 (default)
readonly = 0 (off)
readahead = 256 (on)
HDIO_GETGEO failed: Inappropriate ioctl for device

What the heck?? No DMA, no nuttin'. So, I replaced the IDE cable with a newer fat one. But, the system still thinks I'm running the older cable:
3.544424] ata7.00: limited to UDMA/33 due to 40-wire cable
[ 3.572419] ata6.00: n_sectors mismatch 40130390 != 40132503
[ 3.572421] ata6.00: new n_sectors matches native, probably late HPA unlock, n_sectors updated
[ 3.572426] ata6: nv_mode_filter: 0x739f&0x739f->0x739f, BIOS=0x7000 (0xc000c500) ACPI=0x701f (60:900:0x11)
[ 3.576354] ata7.00: configured for UDMA/33
[ 3.588525] ata6.00: configured for UDMA/33
[ 3.588528] ata6: EH complete

Before I go exploding stuff, if anyone has a clue how to get the system to auto-refresh itself, I'd appreciate the clue!! Thanks, Ric

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