Re: fresh install ---blooming DVD drive not recognized AGAIN <SOLVED> now broken again.

On 19/01/12 10:54, Ric Moore wrote:
On 01/18/2012 07:53 AM, Johnny wrote:

Is he saying he has the 1 DVD on an IDE port and the 1 hard drive on a
SATA port? If so he need to just take the jumpers and remove them
shouldn't master and slave unless he has 2 things on I IDE cable. Think
he need to start thinking one of his parts is bad and stop thinking
Good Luck sounds like you need it Johnny3 65+++

Oh no, both the harddrive and the DVD player are on 1 IDE ribbon now. But, due to the case design, the DVD has to go to the end of the ribbon, as it's stretched to it's limit now.

BUT!! We can put an end to this thread, my ASUS Motherboard is on it's way back, as of yesterday, I just found out, and I'll turn this brick MSI motherboard into a text mode "Hunt The Wumpus" server.I am NOT impressed with this board. I know darn well it'll play a stickin' DVD without any sweat. Thanks to everyone who tried to assist me, but I'm just giving up. It mounted "True Lies" once again and played it. Then refused to do it a second time. I can't take the mental exhaustion. I've been around the block, more than once, and this thing just beat me like I was a red-haired stepchild.

I shall henceforth go in peace. Ric

Awww, you give up too easily. What's happened to that Ric "Mohammad Ali" Moore that we all got to love? :-)


It is in the nature of things that every time you try to avoid one danger you run into another.
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