Re: software install problem perl module

CJ Tres wrote:

On 02/21/2012 05:32 PM, Avi Greenbury wrote:
CJ Tres wrote:

Attempting to install a software I get an error that the maintainer
tells me indicates that "it needs the Perl module 'Std::Class'"

Googling I found nothing helpful, at least as near as I can tell
not being a programmer.
Anyone have a clue?

If I do

apt-cache search perl std class

"Unable to locate libstd-class-std-perl"

What do you get if you do an apt-cache search for it? Which version of
Ubuntu are you running? This is 12.04 I'm on now, so it's possible it's
simply not in older versions.

You can install it through cpanminus (which is a CPAN client), which
will install into the environment of the Perl which runs it (so if you
just run it, you'll have it on your system Perl). You're not likely to
cause any problems since it's not available in the repositories for you
(and so nothing's assuming the repo version).
briefly explains how to install cpanminus and then the module you want.

Generally, you need to install cpanminus:
curl -L | perl - --sudo App::cpanminus

And then the module:
cpanm Std::Class

Ah well... I thought I might learn something but according to the
maintainer, it's an obscure and not commonly installed module and
thought it might be a successful work around if I could find the
package and install it.

If it's on the CPAN you can install it, and it is there:
So you *could* download that tarball, extract it and then follow the
instructions in the INSTALL file, but you'll not get any dependency
resolution that way. Cpanminus (and, to a cruder extent, the 'standard'
CPAN shell in Perl) will deal with the dependencies for you.


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