Re: running a simple command line tool

On Wed, 22 Feb 2012 07:53:05 -0600
CJ Tres <ctres@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

I have downloaded an mp3 player sync tool called natool, for the
Neuros II DAP. It is a simple command line tool and non-interactive.

It successfully decompressed and installed (using a perl script)
after the dev included a perl module that was needed.

The man page shows how to copy music to the player:
(back slashes were used by the developer to indicate different parts
of the command)

natool --neuros-path /mnt/neuros \
dirsync ~/music/ my_music \

However when I run the above command the return tells me that no
command 'natool' was found and suggests that I may have meant 'atool'

after unpacking and installing I cd'd to the resultant directory to
run the command.
Clearly I'm doing something wrong but I've not been able to discover
what that is.

If you enter simply the name of what you want to run, like

$ natool

Then your shell will try to find it in your $PATH. $PATH is a variable
that contains a colon-delimited list of directories in which you can
expect to find binaries to run (run echo $PATH if you're interested
in what they are.

If you want to run a command outside of the $PATH you need to provide
the path to it. If it's in your current directory, that's simply './',
so you might do

$ ./natool

to run natool in your current directory, and ../natool to run something
called natool in your parent directory. What you probably want,
therefore, is:

./natool --neuros-path /mnt/neuros dirsync ~/music/ my_music dbsync


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