Re: Automatically mounting all volumes at boot

On 6 March 2012 20:16, Rigved Rakshit <r.phate@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
I'm happy enough to do that, but I'd rather have an answer to my
original, more general question:

Is it possible to have Ubuntu mount all visible filesystems
automatically on boot?

Yes, it is possible.

Possible, yes.  But I can't tell you how off the top of my head and a quick
google search did not find an appropriate script.

No, I know that; I searched before asking.

And probably not what you want anyhow.

Er, yes, it is, or else I would not have asked for it.

Assuming your typical use case for this disk is to access the contents via a
desktop GUI, you need only modify Ubuntu so that the console user (that,
someone who is logged in from the physical computer screen/keyboard/mouse
rather than network) has permission to mount internal drives.

No, not really!

I can mount drives from the GUI, but that is no help with (for
example) Dropbox, which will not start because my shared Dropbox
volume is not accessible at login.

Your problem is of permissions. Auto-mount the vfat system normally using fstab (whichever options you require or defaults). Then, change the permissions on the folder as such:

It is not a permissions issue. I can mount the drive just fine from
the command line or the GUI.

I do not want *just* this drive mounted. I want *all* drives mounted,
at boot, before X loads and before I login.

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