Re: RAID Lv 1: Grub fails to install!

Rigved Rakshit wrote:

My friend also has a similar problem. His laptop came with fakeRAID,
with the drivers installed in Windows. This fakeRAID setup can be
controlled via BIOS. The solution suggested in this thread requires
installing Linux using mdadm. But, will that cause a problem with the
Windows install? My friend does not want to lose his original Windows
install. Is there a way to install Ubuntu to such a system?

Its effect on his Windows install depends upon his Windows set up.
Windows wont be able to use the md raid or the volumes in it (in much
the same way as it can't use the ext volumes created by a normal Linux

In short, if the raid controller isn't supported by Linux there's not a
lot you can do to make it work. You may find that it can be made to
work with a hand-compiled kernel module, but that is a bit more tricky
than simply apt-get installing it, and it's genrally accepted that
filesystem interaction isn't somewhere to experiment.


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