fatrat bug, was: Re: Unity bug? gimp->xsane and firefox->fatrat

Am 02.06.2012 21:55, schrieb Colin Law:
On 2 June 2012 16:48, Leander Jedamus<ljedamus@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

I got an issue with unity here on Ubuntu 12.04.
When I use firefox and start a download, I am asked what I want to do with
the download. I select (FlashGot -> fatrat). Now when I minimize this
fatrat-window, I can never get it back.
I don't use fatrat, but when it is started do you see two white
markers on the left had side of the FF launcher? If so then click the
FF icon twice and it will put up thumbnails of the two windows for you
to choose the fatrat one. Alternatively Alt+ ` (normally the key
above tab) switches between multiple windows for an app so this may

Thanks for your reply. I was not precise enough. There is an entry for fatrat on the launcher on the left side when I start it by firefox and I can recall the window by pressing Alt-Tab. But when I close the main window of fatrat, there is still an icon for fatrat in the TOP panel. And now I can't get the window back, because fatrat is already running. I have to kill it manually.

I hope this helps
Leander Jedamus

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