I don't know if people out there fell frustrated like I am - so I will
expose some of my frustations.

In open source world I get used to understand how stuff works - by reading
source codes and/or reading deep and wide articles on the net.

Except when subjects are related to how distros are built, how livecds boot
up, how d-i and ubiquity came up, how X and ldm and gnome-session are
invoked (in installation process).

I have followed some ubuntu helps like InstallCDCustomization and
LiveCDCustomization - which are very good recipes (in fact I managed to get
my own custom .iso). But they don't fill the gap, answering why and how it

I know that Ubuntu does it very well and I should not care how does it work
- but I am getting an obssession on this.

I would like to know if people on the list fell (or felt) the same I do.


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