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Anyone using Remmina to access Win XP over ssh? I was hoping to discuss the following scenario:

On 06/29/2012 09:36 AM, Patton Echols wrote:
When I remote connect to my office (WinXP), I have been using a script that connects using rdesktop over ssh tunnel. It works, but there are some papercut issues I have not been able to resolve. Now that my laptop is upgraded to 12.04, I wanted to try out remmina and see if I like it.

The XP desktop is expecting an ssh connection with a stored public key. I don't want to change that end. but I am having trouble figuring out what to put where in the remmina gui. I'd appreciate any guidance. The script below.

#! /bin/bash

# ssh compress, redirect /dev/null, no remote console <host> <redirect> &=background

ssh -CnN -p 12345 patton@xxxxxxxxxxxxx -L 3390:localhost:3389 &

#capture PID of ssh


#give a few seconds for the process to be set up

sleep 7

#start remote desktop

rdesktop -fzE -a 16 localhost:3390

# kill the ssh process after remote disconnects

echo "killing $PID"

kill $PID

echo "done, see you next time"

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