Need help for Ubuntu Version

We are currently running 32 bit 10.10 and was going to upgrade anyway to 64 bit. During my trial run of 10.10 I discovered some sound issues due to no dev/dsp ( I dunno, just a newb )

This is what I found something on Google

"I recently installed a program called SBaGen which uses device /dev/dsp to output audio. However, the OSS (Open Sound System) device is not available anymore in Lucid and Maverick (maybe it doesnâ??t work with older versions, but Iâ??m not sure), not even with OSS emulation with alsa. The snd-pcm-oss module does not load even when oss-compat and alsa-oss have been installed. It is seen to be blacklisted in /etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base.conf."

I have been unable to get quake 3 running due to this same issue.

So how many versions do I need to go back to have a dev/dsp directory??
I would need 64 bit.

Thanks for your help in Advance.

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