GSSAPI / SASL problems of sasl2-bin on Ubuntu 10.04.4


I have succeeded using GSSAPI SASL for OpenLDAP + Postfix access on Ubuntu 8.04.4. When I made the same setup on Ubuntu 10.04.4 :-

>ldapwhoami -Y GSSAPI

it returned an error (80).

When I tried libsasl2-modules-gssapi-mit, it returned (key table entry not found). When I tried libsasl2-modules-gssapi-heimdal, it returned "No credentials were supplied, or the credentials were unavailable or inaccessible ...". I checked with ktutil list and it listed the kerberos principals from Windows 2003 correctly.

I checked if GSSAPI of saslauthd working or not :-

>sasl-sample-server -m GSSAPI -s ldap

>sasl-sample-client -m GSSAPI -s ldap -n

It failed with "unable to decode ....". I tried the testings on Ubuntu 8.04.4 and they passed.

Is there any problem with sasl2-bin package on Ubuntu 10.04.4? I help someone could point how to solve the GSSAPI / SASL problems on Ubuntu 10.04.4.

Thanks a lot.

John Mok

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