Re: Mac vs. PC choice for college.

From: Ivan Marsh (
Date: 08/07/03

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    Date: Thu, 07 Aug 2003 10:12:25 -0500

    On Wed, 06 Aug 2003 14:14:13 +0000, Orhan Ayasli wrote:

    > I am a freshman CS major and I am looking for a computer to buy before
    > going to college. I've narrowed it down to these two notebook computers:
    > 17" powerbook 1ghz
    > 14.1" IBM t40
    > I can't decide which computer to get, so I have decided to compare
    > operating systems. My problem is, I love Linux, and I believe that the
    > future of any computer scientist will revolve around Linux. Therefore, I
    > want a laptop that will be most compatible with linux. On a PC, I know
    > that I have a dual-boot with XP and almost any linux distribution. I don't
    > know how it works for a mac though. Can I have a dual-boot with OS X and
    > Linux? Or what about a triple boot with XP, OS X, and Linux? Or do I have
    > to stick with Linux and XP emulators? OR, is the Unix backbone of OS X
    > enough to give me a platform for developing Unix apps. (I know, Linux is
    > not Unix). Can you guys explain this to me? Thanks alot, I appreciate
    > anyone who answers.
    > Orhan

    Well, on the Mac you'll most likely be running OSX(Darwin). What then would be
    the need to put Linux on it at all? POSIX is POSIX.

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