Re: Cannot install any DVD software on redhat 8.0

From: Walter Mautner (
Date: 09/08/03

Date: Mon, 08 Sep 2003 19:52:06 +0200

password wrote:

> I am new to linux and I am working hard to see how I can watch DVD on
> my redhat 8.0 system. I was able to watch DVD with mandrake 9.2 very
> well. However, I found some annoyances with mandrake so I switched to
> redhat 8.0 and since then, no matter what I did nothing worked!
I suppose, you have to expect some annoyances with Mandrake 9._2_. Just
because it's a _beta_ version. Now, for Mandrake you probably used some
rpms (codename decss) from the Penguin Liberation Front (plf). Should also
work for Redhat ...