Re: Can't get CD-ROM to boot?

From: alex49201 (
Date: 11/01/03

Date: Sat, 01 Nov 2003 03:11:00 GMT

> You are thinking of Windows 95, perhaps? The Win98 Second Edition CD
> is definately bootable as I have done so on far too many occasions.
> If the CD is scratched try giving it a wipe with one of those instant
> shoe-shine thingies. Be careful not to foul your CD-ROM drive though.
> Styvaen.

Remember there were five different releases (that i know of, maybe more)
win98 full, win98 upgrade, win98se full, win98se upgrade, and win98se
update. Some were bootable, some were not; some releases had a version
of both.

Try another bootable cd in the drive.
Try your cd in another computer, known to boot from cd.