Re: Floppy Install over ppp

From: David (
Date: 11/25/03

Date: Tue, 25 Nov 2003 01:26:56 GMT

mrc91 wrote:
> Hi, I have a PII 233 MHz system with a 3GB HD, a floppy drive, a
> malfunctioning 24x CD-ROM, a dial-up modem, and a sound card/speakers and
> printer. I want to install a distribution of Linux if it is possible, and
> I notice that many allow you to use boot floppies if the CD isn't working
> for boot or over networks. However, I don't have a network card interface,
> and my CD-ROM won't read disks at all (it won't recognize them in the drive
> in any operating system, even Windows).
> I currently run Windows 95, which I plan to replace with Linux, hopefully
> to run a server and/or a system with a graphical interface. Are there any
> distributions with boot disks that allow installation over PPP? My modem
> is a generic modem, and runs on COM2 in windows. Any assistance would be
> greatly appericiated.

If your dialup is disconnected then you would have to start all
over again. It use to take me almost 5 days runing 24/7 to
download one 700MB ISO. Unless your connection is rock solid 24/7
I wouldn't even attempt it over a dialup connection.

But best of luck if you try it.

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