Re: Whereis Kernel? & Why Debian "KDE" freezing?

From: Roxanne Kedge (
Date: 12/02/03

Date: Tue, 02 Dec 2003 16:37:07 -0500

> look in /boot for a config file there, this will tell you what you need to
> know.

There is no config file in (/boot).

and every script in /boot keep saying follwing thing

bash: ./vmlinuz: Permission denied

> You missconfigured it?

I will be lying if i say i knew lot about linux but i think not (it didn't
give me many options to configure it...). First time when i installed
debian 3.0r1, it asked me regarding sound card but 2nd and 3rd time it
didn't ask me and i was very carefull as carefull i try to be and i didn't
see any thing regarding sound card. i will try again to install just to see
what if i might be doing something wrong but it's more likly debian has
some bug b/c all the distros i have installed never froze expect when i
misconfigure java and i figured it out later but debian 3.0r1 :(woody:( is
not stable at all.

I dunno if you read that what they just just published debian 3.0r2


Please note that we have recently prepared a new point release for Debian
GNU/Linux 3.0 (woody), release 3.0r2. While it has not been announced yet,
it has been pushed to our mirrors already. The announcement was scheduled
for this morning but had to be postponed. This update has now been checked
and it is not affected by the compromise.

We apologise for the disruptions of some services over the next few days. We
are working on restoring the services and verifying the content of our

Note: most of the "mirrors" don't have 3.0r2 i.e

My major problem was that Konqueror was keep freezing and it was like
windows 95, i dare say i felt as if i was running windows 95 cos it was
acting (but much worse) like internet explorer.

It's "kde 2" which might be unstable. i prefer kde 3 (due to opera like tabs
and semi explorer features) kde still needs lots of work. However Gnome was
working very nicly.

Beside freezing which was worst of all I was able to configureed my network
card and came online in no time. It might be that I made some mistake,
after installing 2 or 3 times and gnome working nicly i must say it might
be debian distro & (kde2).

I didn't know at that time about 3.0r2 and mirrors of debian (even now) are
only giving 3.0r1 which is unstable. I will not try 3.0r2 since I don't
wish to waste another 10 cds (7 + upgrade & 2wasted =10). Perhaps when
newer version of debian come with plug&play and can configure sound-card &
cdrw & dvd rw +/- which is what they might be working on, I may try it.

One good think which came out of this episode is that i was always intimated
by debian b/c i always assumed it's a big brother/geeky stuff but it's a
child's play. Now I have one more reason for not watching television.