Re: How do I Install update and /or exe. file on red hat

From: J.O. Aho (
Date: 12/07/03

Date: Sun, 07 Dec 2003 19:01:26 +0100

Anna wrote:
> me wrote:
>> Xyerp wrote:
>>> " HARSCHFLOORLAYER" <> wrote in message
>>>> i know i have a lot of reading to do I was looking for quick help!
>>>> would you mind.
>>> rpm -ivh package.rpm
> Or.. if you are using xwindows, use Gnorpm.

 From GnoRPM homepage:
GnoRPM is a graphical front end to the RPM package management system. I wrote
it and maintained it up til the end of 1999 (around the 0.9 release). You can
find GnoRPM here:


Note that GnoRPM is targetted at the Gnome 1.x libraries, and doesn't support
the latest versions of rpm yet. You might want to look at Nautilus RPM
instead, which I am developping on and off.

Most distros of today comes with Gnome2, which isn't compat with Gnome (more
than the 5 first characters of the desktops names are the same), but of
course, they may still have the Gnome libs included, so that you still can run
Gnome applications, but do not count on it.

Learning to use the commands/functions is a lot better, as that will work,
regadles of what lousy frontend is installed.