Wow Wow Wow .. GNU/Linux ROCKS!!!!

From: calmar (
Date: 12/10/03

Date: Wed, 10 Dec 2003 05:16:20 +0100

I'm installing periodically The last time
was about a year ago. (between those installs I use Windoof with
mostly GPL or at least open-source programs.

Anyway, after I found out how to increase the mouse speed in the
X86Config ( p.e with :Option "resolution" "300" in the mouse
section (even I would still prefer a even faster mouse)), and
beeing able to speed up the monitor frequency with building a
proper modeline (with `xvidtune' + a proper clock-frequency found
by try and error), and getting a working sound on my NVidia
nforce2 board, I'm really impressed now!!!

I was just watching a DVD movie with the `gmplayer' on Linux ( after trying
out serveral share/free or other DVD programs under windows
without success (no proper sound, no working menu ..etc)), and
that I'm able to watch a DVD out of the box on Linux, but failing
to watch it so far on Windows, is really what I expected at least.

Anyway, the time when I can move the MS-windows partition into
the trash, obviously comes closer pretty fast!

I hope companies like the ones who produce 'Fritz - the chess
program' will realease a Linux version soon, which would instantly
give me the possibility to remove Windows in my case.

Anyway, GREAT thanks too all who supports FSF, Linux, XFree,
open-source and so on (I try my best too) .. because it's definitely
gives an option to MS policy/products, AND it has a great BASIS ... AFAIK
Richard Stallman was really very important, even so
there are obvioulsy nowadays serveral slightly different options
about how it should be done.