Re: Is it a joke ?

From: CJT (
Date: 12/27/03

Date: Sat, 27 Dec 2003 17:01:45 GMT

Ed Murphy wrote:

> On Fri, 26 Dec 2003 12:06:24 -0700, chuck wrote:
>>>>>>Want to laugh ? read this !!!
>>How much money would
>>>>>>it take for each of you
>>to write an article denouncing Linux? If you were offered ... $10,000 -
>>cash - $50,000 - C.A.S.H Would you write an article like that?
>>( and for those of you who know the whole joke )
> Hey, if the payor is foolish enough to make such an open-ended
> request, then I'd do it for $10,000. I would, of course, "denounce"
> Linux in an obviously ridiculous fashion. "Dammit, those Linux
> computers just run and run and run! How am I supposed to make money
> on tech support if they won't crash a couple of times a week? And
> they come in beige boxes, for crying out loud! If it doesn't come
> in a blue box, then it doesn't belong in my house."

For $10K I'd even be willing to write a serious denouncement -- and
probably issue a counterpoint or retraction shortly afterwards. There's
no harm in exposing both sides of an issue, and Linux isn't perfect.
Furthermore, I don't think the world would stop spinning if I wrote even
a very convincing negative piece for lucre rather than love.

After being targeted with gigabytes of trash by the "SWEN" worm, I have
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steps are necessary.          ...Charlie