From: lurch (
Date: 12/30/03

Date: 29 Dec 2003 17:57:41 -0800

I'm new here so bear with me.
I am currently running 2 networked machines with Windows 2000
accessing the internet via a netgear FVS318 firewall and DM602
ethernet modem all working perfectly well with static IP addresses
I borrowed the firewall and modem and will have to give them back
soon, or pay for them!
I just so happen to have an old PC lying about and a copy of Mandrake
Linux 9.1 Powerpack Edition.
I want to use the PC as a firewall and modem and also the second hard
drive within it as a file share, accessable via the internet to access
backup files etc.. securely from my laptop, (i work away a lot and
don't like to have all our clients details on the laptop for security
I can set all this up with my current configuration but am new to
linux so wouldn't mind a few pointers on how to achieve this with the
Linux box. I'm assuming all hardware issues will be the same, i.e.
network card, DSL modem card etc.
I have just been reading up on some other aspects of Linux which I
seem to be getting the hang of but the firewall issue is getting a bit
too out of hand, there seems to be a different way every time someone
mentions a different configuration!
Thanks for any guidance you could give.

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