Installing Debian Linux

From: Paul Juliano (
Date: 01/15/04

Date: Wed, 14 Jan 2004 21:21:31 -0500

Hey All,

I'm a RH9 user who wants to branch out to some other distributions on my
spare machine. For some reason I set my sights on Debian (as well as
FreeBSD and Slackware for later on). People said it's a difficult process
to install, so I read through the manual before I dove into installing.
So far, the score is Debian: 2 Me: 0. That is, I've tried to install it
twice, and had the same problem both times.

I can get the base install done all right. Then I reboot, and select
packages with tasksel. (Xwindows, basically.) It
installs a few packages and then says that it can't find the files it
needs. If I try to retry, the system hangs. On reboot, the system also
hangs unless I use a recovery disk.

I have 7(count 'em 7) CDs that I'm using to install. I'm not even sure
that I'm using the right CD at the right time. I boot with CD2 (cause I
want the vanilla installation). Later on it asks for CD1 and when it does
package install it also uses CD1. I realize that 2 - 5 are different
flavors, but what about 6 & 7?

I'm a little confused and could use any help I can get. Oh, to complicate
matters even more... this is on a laptop so I will need PCMCIA support for
my NIC.