Re: Unix & viruses
Date: 02/04/04

Date: Wed, 04 Feb 2004 01:53:45 GMT

Charles <> wrote:
> Imagine....
> 2010: About 50% computer users use unix-based OSes (GNU/Linux, BSDs, Mac OS X...).
> Do you think crackers can develop viruses for these OSes like they're doing with Windows?
> They'd change their targets, but is it easy or possible to develop viruses against Unix?
> Thanks,


Only problem I see is that Linux seems to be taking over the UNIX world, which
seems like a good thing for us Linux fans, but, ultimately is (IMO) a bad

Even if every UNIX out there were Linux, it'd still be difficult for a virus
in the traditional sense due to the security constraints of unix design.

There is the possibility of someone downloading a trojan from questionable
sources though. (Imagine an rpm that 'patches' things, since you almost
always run rpm as root, it's install scripts could do bad things, if it's a
popular rpm, it'd probably take about an hour for someone to spot it,
slashdot it, and soon the site would be down though. :-) )

Hopefully as people learn more about the realities of microsoft, they'll
also learn the importance of not executing arbitrary code from email and such.