Re: How do you configure imap server on Linux?

From: J.O. Aho (
Date: 05/02/04

Date: Sun, 02 May 2004 09:15:01 +0200

Geophelps wrote:
> I'm trying to log into imap using squirrelmail web front-end. I keep
> getting 'Unknown user or password incorrect.' but the username and
> password are correct! AAaaaaaaargh.

Have you started the imap service?
Many distros uses xinetd to start imap services, go to your /etc/xinetd.d and
check the file imap (or imaps if you want to use the more secure one).
Teh file usually has a row that looks something like this:

         disable = yes

Cahnge that row to

         disable = no

and restart xinetd

In Redhat and clones of it, there is a quite good tool, from SunOS if I
remeber ti right, that is called chkconfig, it is used to change which
services are run at which init level and it does handle xinetd services too.
For more info: man chkconfig