It's Just Some Sort of USB Modem...

From: Antti Aspinen (
Date: 06/02/04

Date: Wed, 02 Jun 2004 12:46:19 +0300

My friend can't get online so I wrote here for him.

He has a problem with his USB Modem. He told me that kuzdu notices that
USB modem, but he can't call anywhere or use it. I guess it is just some
sort winmodem, but can you help him?

He uses Fedora Core 1 at this moment, but I am going to give him a FC2
DVD so that he can have newer software. And updates of course...

-Antti-: Because -Harri- need help...

Ps. I haven't never used a modem with Linux so telling how to use modem
in linux won't hurt. So that I can help him to get that if it is a
"human" problem. However I don't think it is. Kppp supposed to notice
that USB Modem, Right?

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