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From: Michael H. Fischer (
Date: 06/23/04

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    Date: Wed, 23 Jun 2004 19:07:37 +0200

    > I am loading SuSE on an old P90 that was my firewall box.
    > I replaced the 2GB HDD with 2 (two) 10GB HDDs for this. I am planing on
    > using this box as a print server/dev box.
    > My question is: "How do I tell if both HDD are being loaded/recognized?"

    with one of the following commands:
    cat /etc/fstab

    /dev/hda is your first ide drive
    /dev/sda your first scsi-drive if you use some
    if the have a mount-point you can acceess them (simplified)

    > TIA
    > Joe

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