Re: Piv?

From: Malthe Sunesen (
Date: 08/07/04

Date: Sat, 7 Aug 2004 15:29:43 +0200

Walter Mautner wrote:
> [ B@CHFiRE ] wrote:
> > Whoops, I guess they speak english in here. Maybe I should have thought
> > that. Maybe because I am a Windows user - I am an idiot... :))
> >
> Then how comes you are posting to a linux group? Are you interested in
> something linux-related or want to take a peek into that operating system
> with a different philosophy?

Well, you're quite right. The original thread was containg a discussion
about Windows vs. Linux, and bachfire made a FUT to this group. And by the
way, bachfire made a great joke there, 'cos the thread was originated by a
link to, where there's a song saying: "You are an idiot ha
hahahahahaha" and so on. By the way, the page contains a virus, don't go
there... or.. it's a virus written for windows so you guys couldn't care
less about it. Anyway, apoligy from me to, had no idea this group was an
english-speaking group :$

Malthe Sunesen
- Unwillingly Windows user