Re: Linux, success or failure

From: Matt_left_coast (
Date: 08/16/04

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    Date: Sun, 15 Aug 2004 23:25:23 -0700

    Wally wrote:

    > Have installed Linux Mandrake 10 Community.

    You may want to use Mandrake 10 Official, since Community is not really
    meant as a production release.

    > The first install was a bitch fight between it and XP which I lost,
    > had to reinstall both OS's. Not a problem, such is life.
    > Second install went great, everything found and setup OK., except for
    > the network between my wifes XP system and the new linux. No go yet. I
    > Like the look of both KDE and Gnome.
    > Can anyone shed some light on where there is some docs on the net that
    > speak plain speak rather than expert gobblespeak. Tried google, but
    > the returns are more fustrating by what they leave out for a newbie
    > rather than what the explain.

    Google for the Linux Documentation Project and look at the HOWTOs

    > I have to say, Linux seems good, but has defeated me once before
    > because I needed to have the systems working together asp before but I
    > have some time to spare now.

    Then get windows to talk to Linux! I fail to see why it is always Linux's
    problem when Windows and Linux don't talk with each other. But if you
    insist on making it a Linux issue and forcing Linux to speak MS proprietary
    networking, use webmin to set up samba.

    > Any flames will be enjoyed as it is bloody cold here today.
    > Thanks for any helpful advice.

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