xinetd help

From: G_cowboy_is_that_a_Gnu_Hurd? (
Date: 08/24/04

Date: Tue, 24 Aug 2004 14:31:08 -0500

I had been having problems with date/time setting to odd values and syncing
the cmos. I went into sysv-init editor and removed it from booting up and
shutting down. This isn't going to hurt my platform at all is it? I
changed the time and it seems to be working fine here on out. I had been
having problems getting xinetd to boot at all at times and this seems to
have fixed the problem. I'm running some mandrake9.2 installation, it's
not crucial that xinetd runs is it? I configured the kernel and boot from
that and maybe that's why it was acting wierd. Any idea why it would
change the date&time?