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Date: 12/06/04

Date: Sun, 05 Dec 2004 21:20:40 -0700

On Sun, 05 Dec 2004 19:02:08 -0800, chris2 wrote:

> Please forgive me if this is not a good place to post the question.. I
> don't know of any other groups which may be more relevant.
> I have done a bit of research, and have found out that writing to an
> NTFS partition is perfectly fine if the file size doesn't change, thus
> I can setup a loopback device to do whatever manipulating I need to do
> on the partition... but if I do this, can I access the files somehow
> from my windows installation? I dual boot with windows XP, and would
> like to access this data from both operating systems freely, without
> changing to fat32.
> Any help is appreciated..
> Thank you,
> Chris Babstock

Last time I checked, there was a utility for MS called explore2fs which
would read-only ext2 (and hence, by extension) ext3 partitions. That was
all I could find.

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