Re: Configuring services for unusual ports

From: Conner Destron (
Date: 12/13/04

Date: Mon, 13 Dec 2004 10:58:33 -0500

"J.O. Aho" wrote:
> Conner Destron wrote:
>> Um, I don't *think* I've replaced any of the RPMs that came with RedHat,
>> but I've certainly reconfigured plenty of stuff so far and added a fair
>> amount as well. I hope you're right about FC4 because I've been seeing
>> mostly bad reviews (judging by the newsgroup postings) of FC3, and FC2
>> seems to be only a small step better, makes me really have to worry about
>> what was wrong with FC1 that they fixed in FC2 & FC3... I think *if* I'm
>> willing to upgrade, it's only going to be to RH9 until I hear some good
>> things about FC4.
> Just look like it has been before with RedHat, the updates has mostly been
> minor (just a different minor version number, eg 6.1 -> 6.2) with a big
> update once in a while (the major version changed, eg 6.2 -> 7.0), with a
> habbit that the major change is a bit unstable (just look at 7.0 and 8). I
> don't think they changed their way to work just that they changed the name
> of the release.

I'll have to take your word for that one, I wasn't part of the linux
community for those versions.

> Then we have to remeber that there is a "big" community who sees RedHat as
> a bad thing for linux, and would say anything negative about their
> releases, so to be sure something is really bad, you have to try it
> yourself or trust some experienced Redhat user.

Hmm, and I always thought that Redhat was a good thing for linux. *shrug*

>>>You can just do minor backup, like your /etc and the most important files
>>>outside that directory (eg if you have setup a webserver, then the
>>>webpages could be a good idea to backup), no point in backing up
>>>binaries, as those you have already in RPMs.
>> The part about the binaries makes sense, but deciding what to include in
>> that minor backup might get fun, certainly would want to include anything
>> I've added, especially docs and downloads and such, right?
> If you know where you downloaded the docs and stuff and you have something
> faster than just 2400bps modem, then you can just download them once more.
> If you have a lot of DVDs to burn on, then you can ofcourse backup
> everything you like :P

I didn't mean that kind of docs, I meant my personal files and such, but
even so, once I figured out what I'm talking about trying to back-up, I
imagine I'm only talking about somewhere in the neighborhood of maybe a
couple hundred megs at most.

> I see config files the most important when making a small backup, but then
> I have a hughe /home on it's own LVM, so I don't loose the stuff I have
> there even if I reformate the rest of the system.

My home's not on a separate LVM so, I'm thinking I need to include it in
this minor backup.

> Keep in mind that RPM system will not delete your config files, it will
> create a backup if it has to replace yours or it will save the new config
> file, so you will prolly find quite many *.rpmnew and *.rpmsave after the
> update.

um, ok, that's somewhat reassuring at least.

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