Re: mandrake 10.1 too slow

From: Rodney Kelp (
Date: 04/11/05

Date: Mon, 11 Apr 2005 09:45:13 -0400

"Alexei A. Frounze" <> wrote in message
> What exactly can be the reason for the laptop slowness
> (open office 1.1 writer takes 1.5 min to start on mandrake linux 10.1
> kernel
> 2.6.8), more detailed info:
> 1. CPU: AMD-K6-2 400 MHz
> 2. RAM: 192 MB
> 3. HDD: (neighbour?) track seek: 4.7 ms, average (track or sector?) seek:
> 13.0 ms, data transfer speed: 2862 KB/second;
> now on my desktop the same test reports:
> HDD: (neighbour?) track seek: 1.2 ms, average (track or sector?) seek: 5.7
> ms, data transfer speed: 5263 KB/second
> 4. FS: journaled ext3 used
> I've studied top's output and it said that besides X, lots of memory is
> eaten by several kdeinit's and some other things. But 4 kdeinits eating
> 14+MB each is very scary. Why do I need 4 of these fatties??? Then there's
> some magicdev eating 6MB more.
> Would you think it's the HDD that makes application startup slow? Would
> you
> think it's again the HDD bottleneck when a big app (open office) runs out
> of
> physical memory and resorts to the slow disk I/O? What would you say is
> better: extend RAM to 256 MB or change the HDD? Can it be that ext3 is
> significantly slower on such a computer than ext2?
> Windows seems to work apparently faster, but I have problems with
> installing
> w2k or wxp onto this computer... :(
> Thanks,
> Alex
Your laptop is just too slow and lacking in memory. Xwindows and your window
manager take all your memory. Running OOo just causes everyting to be
swapped out from memory to your swap file. Office is very memory intensive.
The original harddrive in those old laptops was very slow too. Try upgrading
it to a new 40gig with 8.5 ms access time. Your memory is maxed out so
forget that avenue.