Re: "kernel panic" -- any help/ideas?

From: santo (
Date: 05/27/05

Date: 26 May 2005 20:39:26 -0700

I do not know what happened. I tryed to answer you two times but my
replies never appeared. I try one more time...

I am newbie to linux but I would like to try to answer... I am using
Mandrake10.1 and I have installed fedora and Suse...

I do not much about the partition numbering system of linux but I have
never seen "swap" on hdb1.
Normally on hdb1 should be "/" and then ,when you create "swap", it
goes to hdb5 automatically(?)... anyway...

...can you boot Mandrake?
if yes go as root to MCC, the first option on the list is "boot" click
and then click "boot loader"-
give a label - add the partition where Suse is installed ( hdb2...?)
and then select the image ( it should be there already you only have to
select it...)
click "ok" or "finish" , this will change the lilo.cong file and you do
not need to run it before reboot. After rebooting Suse should boot...

well I hope it works :-}

I do not know about the "append" string , the lilo man page is quite
criptic when it explain it, I will also be happy if someone could
explain it in more "clearly...