Debian desktop problem - please help (also in alt.comp.os.linux)

From: Neil Hindry (
Date: 08/16/05

Date: Tue, 16 Aug 2005 12:00:44 +0100

I wonder if you can help me. I am a complete novice in Linux.and have
installed my first Linux distribution.

I created a partition on my Dell laptop and installed Debian 3.1 on the new
partition. Windows XP Pro is on the other partition.

I installed Debian and everything seemed to be okay. However I then noticed
I had a problem.

My desktop is set at 800x600. I looked through the menu's to find where to
change the resolution of the desktop but when I did find the correct place
800x600 was the highest resolution available to me.
I know that my laptop is capable of a resolution a lot higher than this but
it higher resolutions were not available for me to select in Debian Linux,
why is this?

How can I make the resolution of my Debian 3.1 desktop higher that 800x600?

Do I need to redo the whole installation process again? If so do I need to
boot from the DVD disk again or is there a program I can run from within

I hope you can help me.

Please could you keep the information & instructions you give me simple as I
may not understand them due to the fact that I haven't used Linux yet.

I appreciate any help or information given.



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