Scripting in KDE for KDE

From: Blondeguy (
Date: 08/30/05

Date: Tue, 30 Aug 2005 17:23:11 -0400

Hi friends,

In Windows there is a program called WinBatch ( that
allows me to program scripts that directly manipulate windows. This
includes opening pulldown menus, filling in forms, moving the mouse
cursor to a pre-determined location, starting other Windows programs,
and much, much more. It is almost as if a user is sitting at the
screen manipulating the Windows program "live". This has been very
useful to say the least.

If you have never heard of WinBatch please take a look at it at the
website indicated above before responding to this request.;-)

Well of course I know about BASH, but for the most part this is aimed
at using CLI in a shell. As far as I know it cannot manipulate a
KDE/Gnome program directly.

What is the equivalent of WinBatch for Linux in a KDE environment?
Kommander seems to be (maybe) it but I have not found a repository of
.kdr files to learn from. WinBatch is very well documented and I
appreciate that. Is there a scripting environment with the same power
and documentation for manipulating KDE programs in Linux?