Re: Ubuntu cripple root user

On Sun, 04 Dec 2005 08:35:50 -0800, michelebargeman wrote:

> Sigh... I do not "hate" sudo, however, I dislike it because Ubuntu
> developers are forcing users to use "sudo" by crippling root, crippling
> cups, and access to network drives. Any linux users know what root
> account is for administration, and I hope you understand that every
> user is different.
> I should have been given an option, and I was not. I want full
> administration power, and I am not able to get it with root account.
> Somone who does administration, this is like dependency hell.
> I am kinda sad that in Linux community we are having same problems that
> exist in Microsoft and Mac communites. Say anything bad, and you are
> either call troll, or offended someone pretty app or command.

I'll reiterate that 'sudo passwd' will allow you to set a root password.
>From that point on, you can use the root account just like you would on
any other distribution. I usually find that I can go several weeks to
months on a Ubuntu install before I find that necessary. I still use sudo
for nearly all root access - it is clean and convenient, and I can use it
to allow other users to access exactly the root functions I want them to