Re: Brother printer

Dr. Deb wrote:
I bought a Brother HL2040, for various reasons, and, after a bit of playing,
got it installed using the Brother HL2060 CUPS driver, under both 9.3 and
10.0(64bit). For several reasons, I did a reinstall and the HL2060 CUPS
driver would not work. So, I went to the Brother site and found that they
had not written a CUPS driver for the 2040 (thought they had for the 2060)
but had written a LPRNG spooler instead. Installed both the CUPS Wrapper
for the spooler and the LPRNG spooler, and finally got it working (Yast
does not support the LPrng). However, pagination was off by about 1/4".

Sooooooooo, I contacted Brother and got an answer back within 24 hours to
the effect that the spooler had been tested with SuSe 9+ and worked for the
"9" series. I went back and asked if they were going to update the
spooler. The answer was a clear and definite "NO! We are not writing any
new drivers for Linux.

I guess that tells the Linux community which brand of printer to avoid,
doesn't it?


In all fairness, Brother printers can be quirky with Windows as well. :)

Have you tried using non-brother drivers? I don't know how that would work with Linux, but I know from experience that many Brother printers (the HL2040 included) doesn't behave well with all applications. I have dozens deployed on Windows desktops, and with some applications they just do not work correctly with the Brother drivers. Using HP Laserjet 4 or Laserjet 4000 driver usually works (in Windows).