Re: Mail server error

On 13 Feb 2006, in the Usenet newsgroup alt.linux, in article
<1139884866.970328.138300@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>, jayipee@xxxxxxxxx

I have already change my hosts file edited using vi as shown below and
have restarted sendmail, apache and imapd but I still have the same
error as mention above.

Do you mean

]Server replied: 550 5.1.8 reject sender 'jaypee@webserver'.

What does '/bin/hostname' show? My guess is that it is going to show
just the hostname 'webserver' and what it really needs to be showing is
'' or at least 'webserver.localhost' because the
mail server doesn't like a hostname without a domain name attached. webserver localhost localhost webserver.localdomain

but only if that's the full name that you get from the '/bin/hostname'
command. What the system knows to call itself is set in the file
/etc/hostname unless this host is getting assigned a dynamic address.

Note that if you use the hostname command to _change_ what the system
thinks is it's name right now, sendmail (and apache, and perhaps other
network applications) will barf, and if you are running X, you won't be
able to start new applications. The easiest way to correct that problem
is to edit the /etc/hostname file to give the system a complete name,
edit /etc/hosts so that it knows what the hostname relates to, and then
reboot (or at least restart the current runlevel) so that every application
knows the full name.

I dont know about IPv6. It has there in the hosts file when I first
look at it.

lsmod - is it showing any IPv6 modules loaded? If not, don't worry
about it.

Old guy