Re: Xine or Totem setup for DVD movie watching on Knoppix/Ubuntu Live CD

joedoe_31@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote:


I am trying to test a case with my DVD-ROM drive for watching movies on
DVDs as I have a difficulty on the current setup (on Win98). I am
trying to see movies on Live CD (currently have Knoppix 3.3 or Ubuntu
5.10, but don't wish to install them yet for this test case). I need
instructions for adding the DVD plugins as needed for Xine (Knoppix) or
Totem (Ubuntu). I can install libdvdcss2.0.9 (from, but
Xine seems to need more plugins or a better configured setup for it.

Would you post the steps in getting the necessary libs/plugins and
Also, I don't have direct home access to the Net, so I can't directly
install files/packages off the web sites, therefore, I need to know
where I can get individual files/pkgs first.



I use the following site to keep Xine up and running, as they have both the
"libdvdcss" and "W32Codex"

Do a download on all necessary files (I usually avoid the "src" files and
just download the appropriate "RPB's)and install the "RPM's" (if you are
using SuSe, Yast works really well here) and you are good to go.