Re: New users or troll?

michelebargeman@xxxxxxxxx wrote:

I was reading a post from an "allege" new user, who supposedly doesn't
have lot of patient when it comes to learning something new - à la
installing a new operating system - in his/her case on an allege older

Maybe it is just me, but I would have thought that anyone who is using
computer - including Windows user would know that new operating sytem
don't work on an older system. Say Windows XP Professional + System
Pack II will not work properly on an older system - say Pentium II.

How is it that any computer user would expect brand new operating sytem
design to work on an older hardware? It would like hope for a bicycle
to keep up with a space rocket? Am I wrong?

I will give you another example. I have more then one computer. In one
of my comptuer - Pentium 4. I have install an older video card - PCI
based with 16M. Since this computer was not built to do heavy duty
graphics stuff, I don't need to put nivida on it therefore I don't
expect to get much from - considering that most GUI are design for 50M
video cards. Nevertheless, it display KDE very nicly, even mplayer
display some xvid nicly. Still, I know it is an older card, and It is
not meant to be use with latest (2006) 3D Games - nor I ever tried to
do such foollish thing. It works nicly with KDE and even with mplayer -
I'm very happy.

What I don't understand is why would anyone expect a brand new
operating system to work on an older hardware? Pherhaps it would safe
to assume that such a person might be troll - specailly if he/she is
using profanity.

Actually Windows XP runs quite OK on a Pentium 2 computer with 128megs of
ram and eight gig hard drive. I know I have one sitting on my other desk.
Also believe it or not XP also runs a program on it that I transferred from
windows 3.1. (financial) It would not let it install normally so I zipped
the program folder and edited the win ini file and it ran. As for
installing Linux I as a newbie looked at live distros, eventually installed
Xandros which was a four click install, as I got comfortable with using it
looked at more and eventually found pclinux and it worked out of the box.
I have never been happier since I switched to Linux