Re: Wireless Router Question

daramark wrote:
"daramark" <dara.butler@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
Are there any that are compatable with Linux? My darling likes Red Hat
and Fedora Core and I want a router for internet access. Any help would
be appreciated.

Wow! Thanks for the help Beowulf, ray, Walter and Luc.

So the router doesn't really matter to Linux, but the card (that is the part
that goes into the computer?) does.

Routers: Linksys Compact Wireless G Broadband Router (Model WRT54GC) (my
darling will like that it uses Linux as their internal OP) :) You all seem
to agree with this, so it must be good.

Cards that are listed are Belkin F5D7010 wireless PCMCIA (will it work in
non-laptops too?) and Aeronet (so any of them will work?).

What is ndiswrapper? Is it more hardware, or software?

And I can search for Linux compatibility charts (using that phrase I hope!)
for more of them.

Can anybody translate what Walter wrote? Although my darling will probably
understand it. As I understand it, he has two stay at home computers
(lucky!) and a laptop (for work?) and all are working together just fine
through the one router and with different cards.

Thanks again for your help!


rt2500 cards work out of the box with SuSE, and are easy to set up with
Mandriva and