Re: seeking a live cd that works!

On Mon, 15 May 2006 09:14:08 -0500, Perry Noid wrote:

I've tried several versions of Linux, but have never quite found what I

1. a cd that I can drop into my laptop (or just about any other tower or
laptop), and boot up fairly quickly using only the onboard RAM...

2. Not use the hard drive, but perhaps allow me to access it if I wish, in
order to store or access files....

3. let me use USB flash RAM sticks or external USB hard drives instead of
the internal hard drive!...

4. find and setup either a PCMCIA or USB 802.11B/G "card" so I can access
internet at hot spots... (none of the versions I've tried have ever found
any of the 802.11 radios I've tried!)....

5. would be nice (but not necessary) if it could play DVDs and audio CDs,
maybe even burn them if appropriate hardware is present....

6. have a very Windows-like appearance, so I don't have to learn a whole new

7. If possible, I've got some desktop images, sounds, and cursors I would
like to have incorporated, although this is NOT essential!

8. finally, do it all fairly cheaply!

Basically, I want a disk that will let me access the internet wirelessly
(and perhaps thru a wired ethernet port if available), store the files I
wish to keep, then walk away without leaving anything on the hard drive. Any

m9876c at yahoo dot com

I have done that with Knoppix - have you tried it? If so, what parts above
did you have problems with? As long as you have a 'well supported'
wireless card, it should be no problem.