Re: The more comfortable I get with Linux...

Gimp and Film-Gimp are very much used in professional situations... like
touching up and augmenting frames on many of the films that have been made
in the last five years.

I never said they weren't. That's another non sequitur, as well as reading
something into something I *didn't* say.

As a matter o' fact you'll find that when it comes to high end graphics
outside the design world (composting, film work, etc...) Photoshop isn't
even in the running.

This is the all-too-common fallacy that, "I can't win the argument by
sticking to the point, so I'll switch to something that has nothing to do
with the point."

Take a course in logic, lad.

By the way, Ivan, "Composting" is what you do with dead leaves and garbage.
"Compositing" is what you meant, I hope. Hoist by his own petard again, Ivan