Re: barebones linux

On Wed, 26 Jul 2006 11:29:46 -0700, yawnmoth wrote:

I'd like to install the lightest weight Linux distro possible into
VMWare, but am not sure what distribution this would be.

Alternatively, I wouldn't mind installing just the Linux kernel, but
I'm not sure where to download that, in and of itself.

That does not make a bootable system.

And if I did do that, how would I go about installing other things,
later on? If GCC wasn't included with the linux kernel then how would
I go about compiling other things that I might wish to add?

I believe there is a Debian System book which describes how to install a
minimal system. Might I inquire why you are interested in "the lightest
weight Linux distro possible" - as your questions already illustrate it
would not be very useable.